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Dental Implants » Multiple Teeth

Replacing two or more missing teeth

When two or more teeth are missing in the mouth, a removable multiple tooth plastic or metal denture can be worn. Alternatively a fixed multiple tooth bridge can be manufactured to replace these teeth, which rests on the remaining natural teeth.

When wearing dentures or a fixed bridge, the natural bone at the site of the missing teeth still shrinks, requiring them to be re-made after a number of years. In addition, a bridge damages the natural teeth it rests on, since they have to be prepared to hold the bridge in place.

A bridge that rests on two or more implants does not damage any healthy teeth, and prevents the shrinkage of the natural bone. The number of implants needed would be dependent on the number of missing teeth and determined by your consulting dentist.

Once the implants have been successfully placed, your dentist would take a mould of your mouth, to enable a dental technician to manufacture a permanent ceramic bridge. This bridge is then secured onto the implants using tiny gold screws, or a permanent adhesive or glue, thus replacing the missing teeth. Once this process has been completed, you will have normal function in your mouth.

Should there ever be any complications or a repair needed on the bridge, such as a crack or chip, it may be removed by your dentist and sent to the dental technician for repair.

For additional information please visit the Nobel Biocare website or click here.